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The "Russian" Power

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The highly anticipated Russian preworkout THE POWER has finally arrived. 

So what’s it like?

Make no mistake, THE POWER is not for beginners.  It kicks in FASTHARD and TAKES HOLD of your workout – specifically your power output.  Unlike other hard hitting preworkouts, your breathing will be affected, but in a good way.  Instead of shortness of breath, THE POWER opens your breathing in a way like we’ve never experienced from any preworkout.   

This is NOT a  feel good, hit the clubs all night type of product.

THE POWER is the ultimate power-load, own the gym PR destroyer.  The energy will easily go beyond your workout so we do not recommend taking this at night – unless you plan on NOT going to bed.  Lastly, one of our favorite parts:  NO WEIRD SIDE EFFECTS!  No anxiety, depression, chills or discomfort really of any type….just clean, long lasting get shit done energy!

But don’t just take our word for it:

TJ, Fitness Deal News.  Never heard of him?  Like he likes to say….Google me bro.

“Slap you in the face, hard hitting, focused, get shit done energy”

“You just feel strong.  You go for more reps.  You go heavier than usual…the strongest version of yourself for 2 hours”

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Customer Reviews

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Neil Borggard
Love it!

As a huge fan of stim junkie pres, this did not disappoint! Obviously not a fan of a proprietary blend, however this stuff works and feels wonderful. My hat is off to the Russians at Badass labs!!!!

Lock McMann
Powerful and well-rounded

Impressive vascularity, heightened endurance plus exceptionally dialed-in stimulation made urgent performance and unrelenting focus seem effortless. Strongly recommend!

Hype is real

I was pretty skeptical on this one, with the reviews I've seen for it. But the hype is real. Took 3/4 scoop and didn't notice much. But once I bumped it up to a full scoop or so, focus was on point. Reminds me a bit of the OG Cannibal Ferox, without the crash afterwards.

Bradley Moore
Solid preworkout

Tons of energy, very solid choice. Highly recommend.

Heavy Hitter

insane solid hitter to add to the rotation, the weights feel almost empty