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Pump Serum Stim Free Pre-Workout

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If you're not a fan of pre-workouts containing stimulants, then we have just the product for you.

Meet Pump Serum – our powerful stim-free pre-workout supplement formulated to optimize pump, muscle fullness, training capacity, and focus.

Pump Serum combines 13 potent and some patented ingredients to intensify your workout performance. Each compound is dosed optimally for maximum effect, which is why each serving is over 31 grams.

You can experience great, high-intensity workouts without having to worry about a crash afterward.

Using Pump Serum is simple: you mix one full scoop with 8 to 12 fl oz of water or any other beverage of choice about 30 minutes before hitting the gym.

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Customer Reviews

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Greatest pump product ever can't wait til it restocks

Matt Thieme
Great addition to a stim junkie pre

If you want an insane pump on top of a stim junkie pre this is by far the best combo. The stim junkie pre's usually have all the stimulants and beta-alanenin so this is a perfect combo. The muscle fullness and vascularity is both visual when you take pump serum.

Niko Kyri
Great Non-Stim

I purchased this product along with the Alpha Lion Superhuman... Both have been a pleasant surprise. I just turned forty and have been worrying more and more about taking stim preworkout due to an irregular heartbeat. I have really enjoyed trying new products from suppkingz and wasn't expecting too much from both of these products. But... I like them very much. I do usually take one scoop and add some beta-alanine with it. Sometimes I take two scoops and really enjoy the mind to muscle focus. I have injured both my deltoids and left brachial tendon from my bicep and since then I have had a very hard problem being able to lift the weight through the pain. Focusing on the pump rather than the pain has been very hard this last year and a half. From rehab onto now truly pushing forward in the gym; I believe that both these products have helped me in the gym with lifting weights and having focus. I like the gradual feeling of being able to lift the weights rather than having my heart beating through my chest. I have taken this product while getting very little sleep, being very tired and it got me though the lift. Still was tired but it helped me get through the lift when I know I would have just given up, maybe even taking the regular high-stim preworkout. So, thank you once again, and I recommend the product for anyone around my age or any age that want to switch give the high-stim preworkout a break. I do not recommend for weight loss or cardio. This is really great for someone who wants to lift the weight and feel the pump. Hope this helps all future buyers.

Tom Cooper
Best all around pump product

I have experienced multiple pump based pre workouts, this is my far my favorite all around one. It hits from multiple angles, providing pump/power/focus. Highly recommend