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Molotov - Non-stim Fat Burner & Powerful Thermogenic
Molotov - Non-stim Fat Burner & Powerful Thermogenic

Molotov - Non-stim Fat Burner & Powerful Thermogenic

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 Intense thermogenic*
 Optimize metabolism*
 Aid body recomposition*
 Zero fillers
 100% transparent label


Few things in life deliver the sense of impending doom or infernal damnation like a molotov cocktail. 

A few simple ingredients, and you’ve got the makings of true terror.

We’ve taken that same approach and mindset to MOLOTOV.

MOLOTOV contains a seemingly simple, yet extremely potent, combination of ingredients to increase white-to-brown adipose tissue conversion, enhance energy expenditure, and (of course) ratchet up thermogenesis, ultimately helping you burn body fat.

The “trick” was to accomplish these goals without relying on a suspect blend of questionable stimulants, which is what most fat burners on the market do.

The end result is white-hot amalgamation of high-potency, non-stimulant ingredients to ignite the body’s metabolism into a full-blown inferno.  

MOLOTOV embodies everything you’d expect (and more) -- intense thermogenic power to help influence the pathways involved in lipolysis, beta-oxidation, and energy expenditure.


Truth to our ethos, we’ve spared no expense in creating MOLOTOV as it’s packed with premium, branded-ingredients, including MitoBurn, Paradoxine, and CapsiMax alongside proven commodities in 2,000mg Acetyl L-Carnitine and 50mg GBB.

MOLOTOV contains no caffeine and can be used standalone or stacked with CHAOS for a powerful 1-2 lipolyptic, thermogenic punch that will have fat feeling the burn!

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Patrick Jones

Great product it really gets your heart rate up and gets u sweating which really increases your workout motivation. Probably the best non stim fat burner out there.