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FSU Dyehard Non-Stim Pump Pre

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Product Details

Massive Pumps* • Increased Power* • Muscle Recovery*

This is the final evolution in non-stimulant pump pre-workouts. FSU Dyehard™ delivers massive doses of 3D PUMP Breakthrough™, NO3-T Nitrates, NutriGP® Glycerophosphates, and more for increased muscle pumps, enhanced performance, and muscle recovery.*

  • 40 Servings (Per 1 Scoop)
  • 1-2 Scoop Max
  • Vegan
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No WADA Banned Substances

Q: What are the main differences between the original FSU and FSU Dyehard?
A: The original FSU is a non-stim pump product with nootropic ingredients (lion’s mane, l-tyrosine, Neurofactor) to increase mental focus. The focus components makes it a great option be used a caffeine-free pre-workout.

Whereas FSU Dyehard is formulated to perform solely as a pump product that boosts nitric oxide production and performance. It's a well-developed product that contains a novel ingredient called 3D PUMP Breakthrough. We're the first company in history to use this patented blend of l-citrulline, glycerol, and amla fruit extract that supports massive muscle pumps, cellular hydration, endurance, and recovery. In place of nootropics, we added b-vitamins to boost natural energy. We've also switched from NO3T®  Arginine Nitrate to NO3T® Betaine Nitrate—this is because betaine nitrates yield more nitrates per material than arginine nitrate.

Q: What separates this from other non-stimulant pump pre-workouts?
A: This is the first and only pre-workout with both 3D Pump Breakthrough™ and NO3T® nitrates to increase vasodilation, nitric oxide production, hydration, performance, and recovery (please review the Ingredients tab for more information). Additionally, there's no WADA banned substances, which makes it a perfect option for competitive athletes who's organization performs drug tests under WADA regulations.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
michael mahusay

So damn good !!!

Excellent Vascularity

The first day I took two scoops along with one scoop of DVST8 and had some killer pumps and vascularity in my delts. I also noticed a little greater power output, which is always a nice feature. Overall a solid non-stim, pump product.

2 Scoops !!

2 scoops for great pumps !!

Patrick Leon Guerrero
Exceeded my expectations! Essential for anybody’s supp stack

Came across this from Garage Gym Homie on YouTube. I gotta say, won’t be the last time I use FSU. I use it stacked with my current pre for even more citrulline and with the added glycerol that I love in a nonstim pump formula. Blood flow is great, nice and full with whatever muscle group your hitting. And the pumps last a good time longer so you can walk around feeling XL for a little longer. We all wish we were as big as our pumps right? Highly recommend! Go get some.

Rondal Blanford
Killer Pumps and Fullness

Massive pumps and fullness that lasted hours after my training. 2 scoops 30 min before training and it was on. I looked 10lbs heavier. Highly recommended!