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These two individuals started their story in October 2015 when they walked down the wedding aisle in Siesta Key, Florida. Soon after, they moved to Los Angeles county. They adopted two dogs, Miley and Tobi, and continue to build their happy home. Thomas is a _______________, while Rechel works in the healthcare industry. Family and work placed at the top of the list of their priorities. Neither one was ready to risk all their savings when the idea a new family business.

After the first three years of marriage, Rechel became interested in learning about changing their lifestyle to a healthier one. At first, it started with learning how to eat right. Incorporating whole foods and a balanced diet. With the support of her husband, Rechel was able to successfully loose 70 lbs. Thomas was always making sure that everything that they were incooperating into their lifestyle was the highest quality. He  became passionate about becoming better with continuous improvement in a healthier lifestyle. He was dubbed the "King of Supplements" and she as his "Queen." 

This business is their passion. It is how they want to share their success with their friends and family.