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Light Year Pre Workout

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Product Details

Clumpiness is normal for this product due to the ingredient panel.


Benefits of Light Year

  • Enhanced Training
  • Increasead Endurance
  • Maximize Blood Flow & Pumps
  • Enhanced Cognition
  • Sharpened Focus
  • Insane Mood Elevation (Happy Pre)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great vibe and focus

Gave me the focus to keep pushing reps over the top without over amping or shakes. Great for a weekday workout, if you are looking for insane energy it may not be it.

Justin Andrews
Light year pre

Oh wow! This is a great pre.. great focus nice energy and lifted for 2hr. Thank you

Bradley Moore
Amazing preworkout

8.5 out of 10, not the craziest energy, but overall amazing pre, great sense of well being, and long lasting focus. Highly recommend!!

Dennis Jenson
Euphoria in powered form

I honestly haven’t felt euphoria like this since the old Phenibut days but at the same time incredibly motivated to workout, taste is not very strong at all but that’s not what we use pre workouts for

Kevin Taylor2
Not really motivated before...

Ya know before I tried this stuff, I would go to our little community gym -work out for like 12-15mins, get a little tired/bored and go home.
I was hesitant to order anything like this because I do not like energy drinks or the crash that comes with it. After much research, I ordered
this stuff and it arrived very quickly -thank you SuppKingz. First day, all out overflowing scoop... Shortly there after I started to get tingles
not uncomfortable like Niacin but a warm reminder "Let's get this workout like you haven't for years". I busted out my ab-roller and did
50 full extended reps, 50 push-ups and walked to the gym where I worked out every muscle group -this focus to keep pushing, I was
not getting tired no where near as fast -not more capable like hey man throw another 45 on there but endurance was through the roof.
Not to mention what this did for my productivity (working from my computer) I really bought this to mess with my brain (nootropics)
not muscles but figured what the heck -let's get more ripped too. (btw -next day I was sore all over but I knew it was because I worked
out better than I have for a while. I have been doing it, then waiting 2 days, then doing it again, then waiting 2 days & doing it again.
Love it Love it Love it!!