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HYDRA(Nootropic Aminos)

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Amino9 is a leucine-enhanced, clinically substantiated blend of the nine essential amino acids, Containing what the body needs to optimize muscle protein synthesis (MPS). 


Amino9 is designed to help bodybuilders, athletes, and anyone looking to build muscle improve their strength and body composition. Amino9 has been clinically shown to boost muscle protein balance by increasing anabolism (muscle building) and limiting catabolism (muscle breakdown).


-Fast Acting, free-form EAA’s

-Stable in ready to drink beverages

-Easy on the stomach - no bloating

-Gluten free; allergen-free



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Customer Reviews

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Oren Steinberg
Hole in one

Kilo labs nailed it with this (not to sweet) intra work out! The noopet efect is get your hydration with full spectrum of eaa and bcaa plus the nootropic efect.
hole in one!

Will buy again!

This stuff is great, keeps me fully hydrated and the nootropic effect is crazy!

one of the best in class

I know KILO LABS for a long time I can say they are making a lot of changes to the better the taste of all there line up is fantastic from there preworkouts to this amino......this HYDRA NOOTROPIC AMINOS is amazing 👏 ❤️