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Darkside Onslaught Ultima Limited Edition

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Customer Reviews

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Tim H
An absolute winner

Energy- Not over the top but present from start to finish. Never in need of more energy or thinking I wish this hit harder. Just top of the line set and rep energy with little need for rest between sets. Once it started it lasted till the end

Endurance/power output- where Onslaught shined so does Ultima, endurance. Felt fresh every set and at no point wore down, I was only finished because my what I had written for the day was done. Still felt good. Power was good, bar moved easier than it should at the halfway point of my bench cycle.

Focus- like endurance, this is the sweet spot. Locked into every setup and movement. No fooling around, all business. Finished workout around 15-20 mins early between focus and endurance

Pumps-Good as far as I can tell. Been using NO Booster on the daily and start Arachidonic Acid today so can say where one started and the next began. Pumps were vascular regardless of what the instigator was

Overall Experience- Another first class experience from Alpha Neon a 10/10 for me and what I want from a pre. This one had Beta
Alanine unlike Onslaught and I felt it which is somewhat rare for me. Right after that the pre just hit, like Onslaught, a wave of clarity just came over me and told me it was time. Workout was amazing, one of those where you just go and go to the point you can hurt yourself if not careful due to the sheer endurance factor. I’d try every Alpha Neon product if it were readily available in the States, luckily Supp Kingz imported this like they did with Onslaught, been on the waiting list for months and it was worth the weight.
Now I’ll wait for the negatives. If it’s anything like Onslaught I’ll be feeling rough till the afternoon and dry heave everything I eat. While it’s great, it’s a rough ride that I only want to take occasionally. So far though I haven’t had that lingering aftertaste and my post shake went down easy.

Neil Borggard
Enjoyed it

Good stuff👍

Horacio Estrada
An in your head pre!!

Pumps are 10/10! Focus is strong. Maybe too strong.

amazing pre high stim

I love it
check out my review