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Adrenaline Energizing Fat Burner

Adrenaline Energizing Fat Burner

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  • Boost exercise performance
  • Enhance mental and physical energy levels
  • Elevate mood
  • Improve the mind-to-muscle connection
  • Help reduce fat

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Natty Matty
Solid Energy Pill for the non stop medical worker

Hi everyone!

I am a medical worker and need tons of energy to get me through my day. Instead of 3-4 bangs or energy drinks. All I need is one of these and I'm good to go! BE WARNED, YOU CAN TEST POSITIVE FOR EMPHETAMINES WITH THIS PRODUCT. Please DC usage 72 hours prior to testing. Officers and etc please do not use this due to random drug testing y'all go through. I don't want any of you to get popped. If you can find a way around it then please do use this! It's fantastic and keeps me focused to save as many lives as possible. I do intensive care only so I can't afford to be to tired for I may miss something. I do have jitters for one hour using this so I have to plan accordingly, especially before going to OR. I'm sorry for the long review but this is a God's honest review. Yes you can lose weight on this, but overall for most of us on here we need energy and this will definitely do it. I switch between this and hydroxelite. This is a little stronger, but crash harder at the end of my shift which is fine because I'm ready for bed so no complaints after 12 hours. Overall I do recommend this for energy for those who can handle high stims. This will do the trick!


Great energy love how it makes me sweat an the focus is off the chart

James Dingess
The best

This is the best fat burning nooptropic pill ever made

H. Garza
Feel the Burn and Energy!!! (Eye of the Tiger song coming on)

Yes, sir. This energy/fat burning supplement was perfect. I actually stopped drinking Bangs due to the energy and motivation that I felt. The first capsule provided enough motivation, focus, and energy for the entire shift (8 to 12 hrs). The second capsule after work gave a sense to go out and workout. I would recommend this supplement for weight management and energy throughout the day. Two more details, I suggest to drink a lot of water before and after exercising, and do not mix it with Dark Labs Crack pre-workout or any other intense fat brining pill, liquids (Bangs), and any other powder form pre-workout. All right, I hope this helps you all.

Michael Reilly
Feels like a day in the jungle

Yobamine a bit potent but overall excellent product you will definitely get the energy kick and burn the calories and fat