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Turkesterone Liquid (500mg 10%)
Turkesterone Liquid (500mg 10%)

Turkesterone Liquid (500mg 10%)

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How Long Does It Take To Work?

Most studies conducted on the effects of Turkesterone support medium to long term results over periods of weeks to months of consistent use. However, anecdotally, users of Turkesterone have reported experiencing significant effects within days.

Most users of Turkesterone should expect to experience results within 2 – 4 weeks of consistent use.

What Does It Do?

There have only been a handful of studies conducted on Turkesterone thus far, however the results have been encouraging. These studies have indicated that Turkesterone may help promote lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, improve protein synthesis, aid muscle hypertrophy & increase strength.

These effects imply that Turkesterone may act as an agonist for receptors that elicit anabolic and adaptogenic responses, while the potential lipid and carbohydrate metabolising effects may assist with fat loss and maintaining a healthy body composition.


How Much Do I Need To Take?

The effective dose of Turkesterone for humans is uncertain.

However, an initial human study showed that athletes who consumed 800mg of Turkesterone per day for a total of 10 weeks reported an increase in muscle hypertrophy & strength, gaining an average of 3.2kg of lean muscle mass over the 10 week period (

Most supplement brands currently marketing Turkesterone are recommending a daily dose between 500mg – 1000mg per day.

Due to the lack of scientific consensus on the recommended dosage, it is advised to err on the side of caution and stick to a dose of approximately 10mg of Turkesterone per kilogram of lean body weight per day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rodney Ziemer

Helps with recovery and help with progression in the gym.

Michael Steffen

No complaints a week in. Hoping to see continued progression over the next few weeks.